Solitudus Maximus

When it comes to writing, we all want our solitary retreat to escape to. To harness as a peaceful weapon against the tribulations presented by the blank page. In my mind, when writing, I retreat to my own private habitat. On some days, it’s a lean-to in the middle of the forest on a Spring morning with nothing but a typewriter and the sounds of harmonic nature. Other days, it’s inside a hut made of straw on a plateaued cliff that’s nestled ocean-side.

Most of the time when I’m writing however, I’m doing it from the Werdsmith app on my iPhone which means that I’m not actually holed up in my office or a in place that offers up quiet stillness.

It’s in my mind, where I find that writing tranquility. A remembrance, a song, a playlist of songs, a vacation, a camping trip, a mythical land that I long to explore, it makes no difference.

Each and every time I place my hand down onto the screen or the keys, I’m off. Far and away.






but never really present.

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