Excerpts – “The Dioramist”

(Photo taken by me.)

Having a tough time finding your next big read? My debut novel The Dioramist is available in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon. Check out the link in my profile! Are you an indie author too? Feel free to point me in the direction of your works so I can reciprocate and fill up my ever growing TBR pile.

10 thoughts on “Excerpts – “The Dioramist”

  1. I’ve just added your novel to my digital library. I’m eager to start reading after seing the great reviews left! I have a urban fantasy novel on Amazon kindle titled End Game:Fade to Black if you care to check it out. I’ll get you feedback when I’m finished!

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    1. Just found yours on Amazon and added to cart, can’t wait to read it!! I haven’t read a good fantasy book in ages and have been craving one so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Thanks for purchasing my book Christopher, I hope you like it! I’ll be sure to drop a review on Amazon and Goodreads for you when I’m finished.


      1. This is wonderful Christopher, I’m so glad that you enjoyed it!! Some very kind words written in that review, I really appreciate it. I read a chunk of your fantasy novella and am completely immersed in it. The plot takes off from the get go and doesn’t let up. My kind of story!

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      2. Hey man! Almost done your book, I am loving it! Haven’t had much time this week with work and school but I’ve carved out of the chunk tomorrow to finish. Can’t wait to see what happens to these Abnormals 🙂 when’s the sequel due??

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