United On Account Of Rain

(Picture taken by me.)

The kids went to respective friends houses for dinner, then you and I went out. A night on the town at 37 and 39 (you and me) is very much the same as a night out at any younger age, except when you’ve got a pair of teenagers. You worry about who they’re with, why they’re with them, who’s friends with the friends, are the parents upstanding individuals, could drugs and alcohol at any point enter into the equation, or are we both just the grandest over-thinkers throughout the course of history and need to chill the heck out. Many thoughts. All terrifying, overburdening, and inquisitive.

Tonight it’s monsooning like the dickens out there and we’ve agreed on chowing down at your favorite retail chain, PF Chang’s. Nice ambiance, hell of a drink menu (when you have angsty high school teenagers, you’ll understand the need for this), and delicious food. I’m not trying to be a poster boy for the franchise, I’m simply wordalizing what would be our submitted internet Yelp review.

This rain seems pre-apocalyptic, like the Lord is preparing to ride in for the second coming on a cloud tsunami. It’s comforting, in a way. Torrential downpours are one of those settings where you can put either a positive or negative spin on it. Depending on the day and the situation, we like to favor both sides of the mesh Wimbledon netting.

I order an iced scotch and lettuce wraps, you, the same. Aligning interests don’t always make a couple what they are, but in our case, the love of common food, pitter-patter early weekend rain, and booze that’s just outside of our family budget, well…it defines everything that made us what we are.

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