They Do Exist

(Photo taken and edited by me.)

All I wanted to do was walk the dog.

Early morning is the best time to get in some exercise for us both and a healthy, albeit wretched smelling bodily movement from him.

We jogged along Mallenton Avenue when a comet crashed into the lamppost at the corner park.

Aliens exploded out of the cosmic collision and ran around the leafy grass like a pack of children on a sugar high.

All I wanted was to walk Ralphie and get some cardio in.

They scampered towards us with tiny laser guns in their green hands (of which only three fingers resided on either hand), shooting inaccurately at everything in sight. An orange hot dog neon sizzle whipped right past my head. I picked up the pooch in my arms and made haste towards the tree-line.

Those miniature bastards wreaked havoc on the square block, but luckily the energy level of the lasers wasn’t all that intense. The damage was merely on the level of pellet guns being shot around at various targets.

All I wanted was the regular morning and the standard routine.

Sunlight scorched across the local tavern roof that was adjacent to the park on the opposite side of the street, coming into contact with the rogue lifeforms and melted them straight down into the earth. With not a trace of evidence to prove that the incident had ever taken place.

All I ever want are the things that I cannot have, but I bat above 500, which means I make out pretty good half the time.

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