The Little Things

Call me a 30 something year old fuddy duddy, but I’ve become so unbelievably fond of the little things in recent past. My twenties were a tumultuous roller coaster, as most can relate, but I’ll say it was a decade of pivotal years that taught me how to relish in the simpler moments.

Ones that don’t require overthinking, or the generic anxieties of everyday living.

For instance:

Walking around outside on a beautiful day, no matter the season, weather pattern, or temperature.

Spending time with my adorable niece who not only brings me joy with the things that she does personally, but also laser prints a smile onto my face because I know how excited she gets when I come to see her. Remember what it was like to be bouncing off the walls with excitement at that age?

Reading a book near the window, with the rat-atat-tatting of a tranquil rain downpour just outside.

Being with Her, and getting excited during the commute home from work about something as remarkable and splendored as throwing on our afterwork jammies and diving right back into a Sopranos TV binge.

How about you, Dear Reader?

What constitutes in your world as a “little thing?”

To quote of my favorite film characters, David Ames,

(Image from Google search.)

It’s the little things. There’s nothing bigger, is there?

(Image from Google search.)

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