Free Books And A Morning Poem

Good morning everyone, today’s the day! From now through midnight tonight you can head over to Amazon and download yourself a free Kindle copy of my debut novel The Dioramist.

It’s the journal-journey of one man’s thoughts to pen to paper, while trying to keep it all together and find some traction with both his career and passions. Filled with pictures, quirky sketches, and fictional quotes, TD is one of the most enjoyable things that I’ve ever written. I read an excerpt somewhere that as writers, we should write what we know and love, and never relinquish that freedom. This was the first opportunity where I can say that I embraced that concept, and I adored every minute of it.

I hope that you have a wonderful time with it and if you’re so inclined, feel free to drop some feedback on Amazon and Goodreads. One thing I’ve learned in the indie author circle is you can never support enough of the people that you meet and interact with. Also, if you have a work that you’ve published and would like to swap reads, don’t hesitate to say so!

And now for a morning poem…

I want notes to strike up the band at all times, for the concerto should never stop. An allegretto in standard 4:4 raises hairs on the nape of my neck to the stature of a California redwood. Liberty and deliverance for all, to me, and this is simply one wanderer’s perspective, is a quaint symphony that forever prints sheet music inside of your mind.

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