Cheese Please

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A friend and I were talking yesterday about how the best foods are the kinds that you can eat multiple times each day. That goes without saying. However, let’s say that you have a particular dish for lunch. Would you also have it again for dinner? The point is, and let’s use the example of my favorite food, gooey-cheesy-spice-veggie covered pizza, I could eat a primary food like the aforementioned for back to back meals because it’s just that delicious. In my opinion, of course. As much as I love spaghetti, I could eat it for dinner, but not dinner after already having it for lunch. To me, that’d be overdoing it. But pizza on the other hand…I could eat the previous night’s leftovers for breakfast, grab a slice or two at the local parlor for lunch, and then binge consume an entire pie by the time the five o’clock hour rolls around. The best foods are the ones you can take in repetition, and not get burned out by their flavor and ingredients.

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