Grounding The Shock

When you write something that you believe to be honest and real, the connection from pen to paper has the spark of a plug being forced into an outlet. There’s been many times over the years where I begin a project, only to stall out by the 7,500-10,000 word mark. Ideas are great, in theory, but sometimes the flow just isn’t there.

With these first two books that I’ve published, a power plant reactor churned words from electric nothingness almost overnight. It’s no mystery why Kerouac finished his first draft of On The Road in only 3 weeks. I long for those instances where a prominent idea comes along and forces whatever you’re doing at present to take a backseat. “Can you hold that thought? I’ll be right back” [Runs off somewhere quiet to savagely draft up words on the smartphone writing app].

Each person has their own process, one that’s beautiful and worthy of both recognition and praise. It’s amazing to hear stories about how writer’s tackle their love of the craft. In any case, it’s early and I’ve begun to ramble. Switched over to half-calf coffee this week to minimize the caffeine madness. It’s an adjustment ☕️ 😴. If you’re so inclined, check out The Dioramist and The House of Wander En Crone (Link for both in profile).

My latest book titled Ebb and Convo will be coming out next month, so stay tuned for updates! Have a fantastic weekend, dearest ✍️ ‘s and 📚 📖 🤓 ‘s.

(Photos taken by me.)

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