Drop A Book Anywhere You Like

I thought it might be fun to bring copies of my debut book The Dioramist with me on vacation, so I could scatter them around and leave author notes inside of the front covers.

Mission Bookdrop was not only crazy fun, but very cloak and dagger along the likes of my favorite British spy 007. I’d brought two copies of The Dioramist with me yesterday: one I left inside of locker #319 at Hogwarts and the other I left on a writing desk at Ollivanders Wand Shop. I also ended up buying an interactive wand made of reeds from the small bodies of water located in the Forbidden Forest, but that’s neither here nor there ✨. Bookdrops are a whimsical act, and maybe someday more indie authors will begin doing the same thing so I can stumble upon their free works at a theme park in Florida while on vacation (situation and setting subject to change, of course). If you’re at Universal Studios Orlando this week, keep your eyes peeled for more bookdrops around the parks, and if not, feel free to head straight over to Amazon (Link in profile) and pick yourself up a copy today! ⚡️ 📚 📖

(Photos taken be me.)

Enjoy your very own copy of The Dioramist today!!

9 thoughts on “Drop A Book Anywhere You Like

      1. I’ve come to terms with that being a possibility, or worse, someone even throwing them in the trash, but I left notes inside each that day “free to take,” with some added notes about writing and reading. I think whoever picks them up knows what the point is. Hopefully!


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