I Take Mine Light and Sweet

Now that I’m inching my way through the final editing process, I’m very excited to announce my upcoming book titled ‘Some Coffee for Your Book Table’. This project started out as a long-form piece that explores the dialogue and interactions of our world, but then it rolled off into a poetic direction and became a two-part literary romp. Hopefully due to release in time for 🎅 to place a copy beneath all of your lit up evergreen trees (I’ll gladly take some milk and cookies, if it’s on the menu), keep your eyes peeled for updates! For now, feel free to check out my debut novel The Dioramist on Amazon and don’t hesitate to leave some feedback on GoodReads or product review or both. Thanks in advance, you wonderful bookwormigans and writermaticians! 🙏 😄 📚 ☕️

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