Pass The Sugar, If You Would Be So Bold

Writing has become something that I can’t separate from my engrained personality. As is with reading and book addiction (thinking of checking out the Bookshopaholics Anonymous meeting later today), it becomes so centric to your routine that you can’t imagine what it’d be like to not have such a creative outlet. I love coffee, books, and tables full of whimsical mellaschnooks, so I figured that Some Coffee for Your Book Table was the ideal launching off point for my 2nd novel. Part I is a bird’s eye view of the interactions that stem from ordinary, comedic, and unusual conversations between characters. Part II wraps up the book with a collection of poetry and blurbety that I’ve been hacking away at the past few months. Grab a mug and a seat at the table, the Joe’s almost fully-brewed. How do you take yours? 2 creams with leather bound binding? Or is it four sugars, finished table top, and a pinch of fibered pages? Keep your eyes peeled for updates, the release date is coming soon!

(Photos taken and edited by me.)

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