Blogging About Blogging

I’ve never been much of a blogger, but the idea of it has been warming up to me exponentially over the past few months. For the most part, I do more visual blogging on Instagram (blankpagesofmine), but the notion of writing poetry, blurbs, book reviews, etc. has a wonderful appeal to it. When did you hit the ground running with your blog game? Do you find it difficult to multitask between online writing and your actual writing?

(Photo taken by me.)

10 thoughts on “Blogging About Blogging

    1. Very cool, I dig the traditional aspect of it! I’m the polar opposite, hopefully in a good way, but all of my writing (100% of it) comes from what I type up on my writing phone app. Then I transfer it to a PC to edit, or edit on the phone. And I love your blog! You’ve got a consistent, thought provoking and deep style of writing.

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  1. I blogged for my writing from the start, aiming to make my blog my base on the net. I try to balance the blogging so it doesn’t interfere with the writing (which is the point to it), and that isn’t always easy, but I have also found that blogging reminds readers and potential readers that I’m active and writing. I find it somewhat sad seeing a writer’s blog that hasn’t been updated in “six” months.

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    1. That’s very inspiring! And I absolutely love how detailed and vivid your entries are. My work/life balance is endlessly frantic (in a way that I like) but it prevents me from sitting down most days and really writing a thorough entry like that. My goal is to begin doing it at least once a week, on the weekends when it’s more feasible. That’s a very good way of putting it and I agree, inactive accounts are saddening. Nothing fruitful comes without a challenge, and blog posting can certainly provide a challenge for some, but I’ve heard that once it really latches on to your creative persona, it’s off to the races.

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      1. No. I actually didnt write for 4 initial month and had no idea about blogging so zero interaction with fellow bloggers.
        Then I stumbled upon the daily post and prompts, that’s where this all actually started. Now that place doesn’t exist anymore.

        About direction.. I never trying to find out one. I just let it flow on it’s own. It’s a very impulsive blog.

        My pleasure


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