Sometimes I feel like a wayward vagabond. My eyes and ears transfix on each location, colorful sprite, and unique wallpaper backdrop. I’ve been a happy wanderer since I was little, when my parents used to take me and my sister on road trips and fun-filled vacations. I was also born in Oregon and moved to New Jersey when I was a teeny little squirt, which could be a contributing factor to my need for exploring, roaming, and transversing.

The Jersey beaches themselves, each individual one, are a spectacular sight to behold. Some are rundown and neglected, but still enhancing the beatnik spark of our pulsating state’s heart. Others are well-kept and teeming with hometowners and tourists, no matter the month of the year.

This picture was taken yesterday on the Asbury Park Boardwalk, one of my very favorite places on Earth. The temperature was cool, though not frigid enough to be a show-stopper. The air was damp with overnight and early morning mist and the horizon just over the sand and rippling waters of the Atlantic was the shining example of what this troubadour harnesses inspiration from.

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying some festive Xmas funtivities! 🎅

(Photo taken by me.)</strong

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