She Drinks and Sinks His World

The Dioramist and Elizian have a long history. In their eyes, it’s a history that stretches around the corner and down a whole city block or two. They didn’t get it right the first time. Nor the 2nd and 3rd. But they do exist together on some capacity. For him, Elizian represents the hopes and dreams that he’s always wanted to acquire. For her, he’s everything that she’s always been never sure about. It’s the damndest thing about magnetic repulsion…

If you’re up for a brisk paced read with heart, wit, and a slice of philosophical reflection, be sure hop on over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy. Santa’s got his sleigh filled to the brim with paperback copies and he’s aching to get them into the hands of some word ravenous bookworms!

(Photo 1 taken by me, Photo 2 a Kindle screenshot of The Dioramist.)

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