Dream in Technicolor

Losing the color in you life will send you reeling. It’ll leave you dangling, with no direction, no orientation to help you remember which way leads onward. Vibrance is a gift, it’s an intuitive DNA strand that allows us troubadours to waft the flames of our cultural renaissance.

(Photo taken by me.)

6 thoughts on “Dream in Technicolor

      1. I know, I was just poking fun lol. He’s partial, he can see some colors, but all are dull and will eventually blend together if all in the same place. He can only pick out certain color. He’s actually really good about deciphering color just by the shades they are in his eyes.

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      2. Oh wow, that’s interesting. A good buddy of mine is also partially color blind, discovered it when taking one of those scatter color number tests. I’m not color blind and those things aren’t the easiest to see. Any big plans for the holiday weekend?? 🎄

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