What’s Not to be Thankful For?

It’s going to be a new year and with that being said, it’s always good to note that holidays bear a message that should be upheld day in and day out. The message carries with it certain themes and highlights: love, family, togetherness, friendship, personal goals, self-evolution, making a difference wherever possible, etc. A new year shouldn’t be the catalyst for these types of traditions to be acknowledged, but for those people who haven’t excelled at them in the year that’s just past, resolutions provide a subtle reminder of what kind of changes should be made within their own lives, if any at all.

The older we grow, the more we know. Learning and self-discovery doesn’t stop at the diminishing of adolescence, but it continues on stronger and with more meaning straight through adulthood. Strive to be the best you imaginable and remember that perfectionism is only real to those who believe we live in a perfect world. We don’t, and we make mistakes but that’s where we pick ourselves up and increase the effort needed to try again.

Being thankful shouldn’t require a list of line items that resemble a boilerplate greeting card template, or the vast white expanse of a notepad grocery list, but it should be examples of all the things that make you whole as a being.

One thing that I’m very thankful for everyday is finding this place. I’d stumbled upon it a few years ago and didn’t really get serious with it until recently. As a result, I’ve interacted with some amazing people, who have amazing stories, who also create and imagine and conjure up amazing stories, poetry, and worded blogging masterpieces. I’m very much looking forward to embracing more of the electric energy and passion that emanates from here as a result of the fine words and works from all of you.

Have a happy, merry, safe, warm and relaxing New Year’s celebration and keep working diligently towards your dreams and ambitions!


(Photos taken by me.)

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