New Year’s Eve Greetings From Clearwater Beach

As opposed to hot again/cold again winter in Jersey, Clearwater Beach is a welcomed paradise. I love coming here. My Aunt and Uncle had lived in the area way back when, but I’d only visited them as a child and all I could remember for a long time was incessant mosquitoes and trespassing backyard alligators. Since beginning to frequent CB again a few years ago, I haven’t experienced, much less seen either of those things.

The weather has been balmy, with stifling morning and afternoon heat, which doesn’t really bother me very much at all. I don’t mind sweating, especially since I generally don’t. So if you ever catch wind of a lonely bead of perspiration traveling across my forehead, the heat factor must be overbearing. But the evening cooled down plenty, even before the sun sank into the Gulf, which offers the makings of a pleasant New Year’s Eve along the rippling water.

What are your plans for the night? Staying up to watch the ball drop? Hanging out with friends and family? Going to sleep at a reasonable hour because you have work tomorrow? Whatever it is that you’re doing, I hope it puts a smile on your face and brings you peace. Here’s to 2019 writers, readers, and creative creators! 🎉 ✍️ 🍻 🎨

(Photos taken by me.)

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