Dreams and Wishes

I awake to the idea that we’re an adventurous couple who stops at nothing to see the world and feel it rattle the calcium buildup on our bones. You can’t live without poetic inspiration, and while we’re both writers by trade and by crossed hearts, I thrive on imagistic translations of endured viewscapes into stories.

Sun comes up, returns from wherever it ran off to over the long night, then brings us back a paintbrush and canvas to explode our foremost creative thoughts onto. I saw your mind swallow that herd of puffy marshmallow clouds while sipping coffee out on the deck, and it was so brilliantly magical. I may sniff the tops of tree palm and roll around along the soothing ripples of the bay, but no matter where our thoughts drift us away to, it’s always done with us being directly side by side and I’ll have it no other way.

(Photos taken by me.)

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