Dioramas, Travel, Music, and Cars

The greatest thing about creativity, at least for me, is that you have the freedom to do anything with whatever tools you have available. You often see in the mainstream writing world how authors stick to one genre or motif, without straying very far from their core material. And in many cases, it works. Why break what’s not broken, right? If the formula is fluxing (at 88mph), why furrow in unfamiliar waters? Fleming did it with James Bond, Bukowski with Chinaski and his poetic dissonance, Rowling with Potter (who’s now branched out into many other awesome directions), and Leonard with his vintage crime-scapades. But the one thing I’ve always enjoyed from a reader perspective is variety and change. I love it when an author releases a work that has very little similarity to what was produced before it, outside of that author’s overall style and feel. Variety is the spice of life, after all. No, it really is. I think I saw it on sale at Shoprite last week…in any case, it’s something that I’ve been enjoying with my own projects and I’ve met tons of authors on here and Instagram who are fond of the same concept. The inspiration found round these parts is so abundant at times that you can’t absorb it all in one sitting, which is pretty amazing.






If you’re looking to dabble in my collection, you can find both The Dioramist and Strange Cars in the Night on Amazon and two chapbooks courtesy of wonderful Iron Lung Press titled The House of Wander en Crone and Regection. As always, I appreciate your support! I’m beyond thankful for meeting some really tremendous writers, readers, photographers, musicians, painters, DiYers, vocalists, poets, and whoever else on here that simply can’t live outside that timeless world of creativity and wonder.

(Photos taken by me.)

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