Free Cars! Today Only!

Head on over to Amazon and pick up your free copy of Strange Cars in the Night which is free to download for Kindle today only! If you’re a fan of driving with the windows down, raising your head out and howling at Chekhov’s moonlight glint, throwback jukebox oldies, and dramatic/comedic depictions of what happens after the sun lays down for its nightly slumber, be sure not to miss this debut poetry collection. As always, thank you very much for your support and I hope that you enjoy your free read. Happy Friday everyone!

(Image 1 taken by me, 2 a screenshot of the Kindle version of Strange Cars, 3 and 4 images from Google, 5 taken by me.)<

12 thoughts on “Free Cars! Today Only!

    1. Thank you very much Asha! 🙏 Poetry is such a wonderful genre. I much prefer paperback and hardcover books as well, but I do enjoy ebooks when I’m on the go. Sometimes it does have a nice convenience to it, especially when it’s free 😄 as always, thanks for your support my friend. Happy Friday! 🎉


    1. Leah!! Those reviews mean the world, thank you so much! I’m finishing up with the sequel which while longer in length, features the same stream of consciousness poetry that you enjoyed. There’s also pictures and sketches this time around 😄 I’ll let you know when it lands on Amazon. I’m glad that you felt comfortable reading this style of poetry, it’s what got me into the genre in the first place a few years ago. Again, thank you very very much 🙏

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    1. That’s so kind of you to say, it really makes me happy when someone connects with my quirky style haha. Horowitz is amazing!! The 2nd book Point Blanc absolutely blew me away, that was a tour-de-force. Which one is your favorite so far? Have you read the Bond Casino Royale prequel he put out last year called Forever and a Day? Unbelievable 👌🏻 👏🏻


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