Strange Vagabonds Taking Flight

Strange Vagabonds Taking Flight (the spiritual successor to Strange Cars) is coming out next month and it’s all about things that move. As the reader, you’ll be traveling, wandering, getting lost in a far off hayfield with a bottle of Tennessee whiskey, finding your spiritual self in the rippling sea of life, and following the tricky rhythms of inanimate objects. This time around you’ll see photography and beatnik sketches to accompany the collection of poems and it will continue in the comedic/dramatic/chaotic/consciousness streaming tradition of its predecessor. Keep your eyes peeled for a release date! 📚 ✍️ 👀 ✈️ 🚘🚶

(Photo 1 – IMDb, Photo 2 – by me, Photo 3 – Pixabay)

4 thoughts on “Strange Vagabonds Taking Flight

    1. It is!! No worries at all, my friend. Strange Cars is a quick read, you could finish it in less than a half hour. Let me know when you’ve got an open reading window and I can email you a free copy of the manuscript.


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