Strange Vagabonds Taking Flight

My new poetry collection Strange Vagabonds Taking Flight is coming out next month and there’s a few things you can do in the meantime to prepare yourself: 1) head over to Amazon and buy a copy of the original Strange Cars in the Night (link in profile), so you’re all caught up (it’d be like watching Empire Strikes Back without watching A New Hope first). 2) Stretch your legs and body, then run off into the woods with no agenda and see where the day takes you. 3) Think about things that move – example: cars, slithering garden slugs, wayfarers who live nowhere and have visited more places than most, throat lozenges that are a nuisance and don’t want to stay put inside your mouth. 4) Dream of flying and aerial motion. 5) Listen to music that makes you want to hit the land, road, and glorious sea.

(Photos and sketches by me. Strange Vagabonds image from Pixabay.)

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