Creative Gold Miners

(Excerpt from my poetry collection Strange Cars in the Night)

Inspiration is easy to read from another person’s words, who may have already found their motivational foreground, but it’s not always the easiest thing to harness for one’s own creative need. That’s what got the better of me years ago when I tried to engulf myself with nonfiction, road taken type stories, but then I came to realize that the easiest form of inspiration is found simply by walking out the front door. Travel, move, explore with the sensibilities of a younger youthful you (who’d give anything to spend the day outside, figuring out the ways of the natural world), meet people and interact, then go back to the books and the stories and testimonials and drive it all home. Last year, I remember how much I wanted to write the dickens (pun only if you want it to be) out a story to fit in with the whiskey bottle chapbook realm of a local indie publishing press and after racking my brain over it at home for a few weeks, the idea came to me the minute we stepped off the plane in the Bahamas this past September. Strange Cars in the Night’s premise came to be while I pulled out of a Wawa in January with a steaming cup of coffee in my hands, watching the ballet of morning cars ensue around the tight parking lot and gas station filler pumps. An upcoming book about long form conversations, when my buddies and I once discussed in an IHOP how the “never-ending shrimp basket” was really a scam because the waitress only came back to tend to our hungrified (new word) needs twice. Inspiration is everywhere and in my opinion, the greatest way to uncover and use it is to stop looking. Or continue looking and just not be forceful about it. Just like any ol’ good thing in life.

(Photos taken by me.)

Looking for a new read? Take the car out for a moonlit drive 🌙 , roll the windows down 🚗 , crank up the jukebox oldies 🎵 , and check out my debut poetry collection Strange Cars in the Night on Amazon today.

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