Why We Do What We Do

Even been asked “why write?” or “what made you decide to do that?” Both used to be difficult questions for me to answer but the more I write, the less thought process goes into answering either one. For me personally, writing isn’t a second job or a side project. It’s something that I crave every minute and second of the day, comparative on the level of trying to find free time during grade school to break out the old gray brick block Game Boy to play Pokémon. Not that everyone can relate to such a craving, but I imagine a few people will nostalgically understand 😄 Writing is just plain fun when you let yourself go on the page and don’t restrain a single thought or notion. Since releasing The Dioramist last April and Strange Cars in the Night this January, I’ve come to realize that storytelling and refracting truth and fictional truth of our modern moments is one of the most insanely enjoyable passions to embrace. It’s addictive, soothing, and grows inside you like a festering, meandering seed root that’s just aching for a bit of sunlight.

Both of my books can be found here on Amazon. Feel free to check them out and leave some feedback, if you’re so inclined. Thanks in advance as always for your fellow indie author support!

What kind of projects is everyone working on these days? Any upcoming novel or poetry collection releases I should keep my eye out for?

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