Hashtag Dioramist

(Photos taken by me)

The Dioramist was the first story that I felt confident about pushing forward into becoming a tangible book. What makes the written word so engaging is when you can spill aspects of your own self into a story, while still having it be plenty fictional. The worst part about producing a debut novel is the surmounting stress level over what the audience will think and overall feedback that may come careening back in your general direction. Oddly enough, the previous works that I’d finished were all overthought to the point where I shelved each project to wait for something better to come along. When the idea came around for TD, it felt right, it felt homey, and it felt like I was being me to an unknown audience as if I was telling the story to them face-to-face. If you’re interested in the final product, hop on over to Amazon and snag yourself a copy today. Have a wonderful weekend, fellow Dioramists!

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