My Declaration to You

My new poetry collection titled โ€˜A Declaration of Our Rippling Daysโ€™ is releasing this month on Amazon and Iโ€™m undulating (see what I did there? ๐ŸŒŠ) with excitement. This was a very enjoyable piece to write and I think that many readers will be able to relate to the overall theme. Declaration portrays the journey of rock bottom sorrowed lows to blissful sweet momentous highs. It captures a wide array of emotions that we all experience and even has a narrator to guide you along through the journey. Keep your eyes peeled for a release date!

Craving poetry?

Looking for a new read? Take the car out for a moonlit drive ๐ŸŒ™ , roll the windows down ๐Ÿš— , crank up the jukebox oldies ๐ŸŽต , and check out my debut poetry collection Strange Cars in the Night on Amazon today.

Also, be sure to find me on Instagram @ blankpagesofmine and say hello!

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