The Inbetween Moments

(Photo taken by me)

You can be in an art gallery, or outside some historic national monument, or beneath a canopy of trees that’s on display at the epicenter of some major city, but it’s easy to forget or neglect all of the inbetween moments.

Ones like when you’re stopped at a traffic light and peer over your shoulder to see something beautiful on display between the sky and what resides beneath it.

Or when you’re walking through a shopping mall and hear are a song playing on the overhead speaker that you hadn’t heard in a while, which somehow blends perfectly into the scene.

Music does it for me personally on so many levels. Whether it’s a song I haven’t heard before or one I’ve binge listened to hundreds of times over the years, just the mere hint of a melody is enough to change the depiction of any one moment for me.

Do you find it difficult or easy to spot the inbetween moments that are caught up amidst a surging sea of normalcy?

Are you one of the background magicians who performs the spell work to even create such a moment?

What is it exactly that moves you?

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