Indie Book Release

Super excited about getting into this new one from River. I read one of his works recently and it was tremendous, a real game changer. Make sure you climb over the stampeding crowds to grab yourself a copy of his new one, The Stories in Between (available on Amazon).

Searching for new reads?

Poetry about Strange Cars or maybe a fictional novel journal about a Dioramist protagonist who struggles with a passion for writing and a former love? Be sure to check out my published wares on Amazon if you’re interested.

Also, be sure to find me on Instagram @ blankpagesofmine and say hello!

6 thoughts on “Indie Book Release

    1. Hey there! 👋🏻 Strange Cars in the Night is my debut poetry collection from earlier this year. It’s theme is dark, comedic, satirical, mainly a nostalgic trip down memory lane from when I used to work overnights years ago and rode the empty highways 🛣 🌌 here’s a link if you’re interested, thanks for inquiring!


      1. Thanks. It does sound interesting, but the reference to Hunter S Thompson put me off… I’m not much of a one for drug fuelled writing, not for any moral reason, but probably through inexperience of the drugged state myself. But I may take a chance anyway!

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