Journal Entry

Last weekend was one of the most thrilling and memorable weekends that I’ve ever experienced. Two years ago I met a lovely woman who I became acquainted with and formed a relationship, which led to our engagement just a few days ago.

I took her back to the beach town where we met and together we relived all the exciting moments from our first date. When the time came, I got down on one knee and proposed to her on the edge of a lake, where the water came right in off of the ocean.

You watch movies and read books and think that moments like this aren’t real, that they only exist inside of the fictitious realm, but in all actuality they very much are real, and just as tangible and magical as they’re made out to be.

Seek out the right people in your life and always keep them close, because it’s those people at the end of the day who define and reenforce your sun-drenched soul skin, and you them.

(Pictures taken by me.)

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