Upcoming Book Releases


Writing is something that I can’t get enough of. When I was younger, I avoided embracing this passion because my mind was also young and it was occupied elsewhere. On a day-to-day basis these days however, I can’t go 24 hours without typing up something, really anything that averages around 1,000 words or more. It’s too addictive a trade, in a blessedly good way, and I’m sure many of you can relate.


I’m very excited to be publishing my new poetry collection this month titled “A Declaration of Our Rippling Days.” It’s a book that will provide an overall experience to the reader, rather than simply be a book that you read from start to finish. The theme encompasses our general ups and downs, emotional ebbs and flows, those rippling experiences in life that push us forward or pull us backward. Keep your eye out for a release date this month!

Whiskey Wheel for short is a new beatnik, comedic romance I’m working on right now that’s also going to be one of my Pocket Diorama series works (entertaining reads that practically fit in the palm of your hand!).

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In the meantime, have you read my other two novels? Looking for some nice, relaxing Summer reads? The Dioramist is a coming of age dramedy that’s written by the unnamed protagonist in journal format. There’s music, drawings and sketches, photography, and a love story for the ages. Strange Cars in the Night is my first poetry collection, which released earlier this year. While I’m not very passionate cars or familiar with their intricacies, I bridged an analogy between the open road and the trajectory of our lives in a beatnik, low-down, dawn to dusk convertible excursion format from the first page to the last. Check out the link and find both on Amazon. Thanks as always fellow indie authors for your support and I hope you enjoy the collection!

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