Journal Entry

Went into the city this weekend for a difficult task, my fiancé’s uncle died last week and we joined the family at his apartment in NY to help clean everything out.

He was a wonderful man and while I only met him a handful of times, the personal items inside of his place showed that he lived a very long and full existence before losing the struggle to COPD and various other lung issues that resulted from smoking over the years.

When we were finished, we all absorbed ourselves into the beautiful day outside and ventured throughout the lower east side for a few hours before heading back to Jersey and continuing that infrequent time of togetherness.

It was nice, being with each other like that because with everyone’s busy lives, there’s not often an opportunity for them to intersect apart from holidays and time slots of the sort.

Despite the saddening arrangement, we made the best of a sad song, as one should always try to do in my opinion.

Father’s Day came around yesterday and we drove out to the shore to see my father and side of the family, which was nice because it felt like by weekend’s end that we got to explore both sides of our respective families and it made the two day work vacation feel ultimately fulfilled.

What did everyone else do these past two days?

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