About the Writing

The Dioramist is my debut book that I self-published last year. It’s about love, pop culture, nonsensical comedy and laughter, all wrapped up in a coming of adult age story about a writer who is having difficulties pursuing the writing. I wanted my first book to be about whatever came to mind when sitting down to work on the project and I was very pleased to see that the quirky nature of it ultimately became the sum of its parts. Ended up writing a sequel immediately afterwards, but haven’t yet sat down to begin tackling the final edit.

Strange Cars in the Night is a trippy, sundown/moonlit collection of poetry that ranges from having material you might find in a throwback slasher film, to comedy you might see emanating from the characters in a raucous Judd Apatow film. It’s one of the best and most enjoyable things I’ve ever written. The sequel, Strange Vagabonds Taking Flight, is due to come out this Fall.

A Declaration of Our Rippling Days is my latest poetry collection that’s releasing this month. I’ve been working on this project off and on for months now– editing here, tinkering with a poem or two there, tossing in more additions, and it’s finally gotten to that soft cozy spot that every writer wants their piece to be residing in. Declaration isn’t going to be just the next read, it’s going to be an experience where the reader travels from rock bottom lows to a cloud 9 high, along the very same rippling undulations that consume our own lives.

In either late July or early August, I’ll be releasing a surprise work that fits right dead square center into the blistering heat and oceanic blue skies of summer. It’s funny, emotional, and from what a fellow author told me who read an advance copy, “essential.” The last description of course warms up all the feels like a roasted marshmallow that’s gotten all gloopy over a raging campfire.

I’m finalizing some additional projects as well and I will be sure to keep you all posted on the release dates as they come along! Thank you as always for your support, engaging posts and commentary, amongst many other things. Even if I don’t get a chance to post on here some days, I still make a point to come on and read all of your wonderful words. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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