Journal Entry

My head felt weighed down, like an anchor falling beneath layers of top-heavy water to the sandy ocean floor. There was simply too much that needed to be done when the sun came up. Weekends you could get away with a little lackadaisical jaunt, sure, but by Monday it’s back to ballpoint pens and nine to five burdens. You spend all your time dreaming and none of it believing. Can’t be one of those mindsets, ones with the threaded safety lining of a button-down shirt pocket protector, not a chance! No way! It’s got to be the embracing of adventure on high seas I’ve never fared, or else.

Searching for new reads?

Be sure to check out my published wares on Amazon if you’re interested. Finishing up a few projects that will be releasing over the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for those as well.

Have a self-published work of your own?

Looking for fellow indie support?

Send me some info about your book and if it’s a genre or realm that I’m interested in, I’ll gladly read and speak to it.

Indie support is essentially what makes our world go round, after all.

Also, be sure to find me on Instagram @ blankpagesofmine and say hello!

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