What’s Been Keeping You?

Pixabay - Writing 1

When it comes to writing, each person has their own reservations about releasing a finished product.

Is it good enough?

What if readers hate it?

Perhaps there’s proper punctuation?

We live in a society that allows us to be imperfect, yet scrutinizes us the minute we take a creative leap.

I feel like I’ve learned plenty about the writing in just the past year alone that I’ve began self-publishing, but there’s still that added pressure when it comes to finalizing a manuscript.

What I love most about the writing isn’t the editing portion and I think many of us can speak to that.

It needs to be done though, right?

Of course.

Why wouldn’t it?

But from where I’m standing, if you walked the proverbial pirate plank long enough to form words into worlds, then all you would need to do thereafter is find a detailed version of yourself or someone else who can navigate all those menacing, punctilious logistics.


(Photo from Pixabay.)

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