Sports Radio

I’ve always been a huge fan of sports, ever since I was a little squirt and wanted to play anything and everything.

My Dad coached most of my teams, which made the experiences back then even more enjoyable.

Listening to my local sports radio morning show in the car today reminded me that things have become overly complicated by money and statistics in the major leagues these past many years.

I miss being young and naive to all the analytics and criticisms that go into such a high priced entertainment entity, because I feel like it’s those things that have a tendency to dilute the purpose of the sport, in this case baseball.

It’s really just a big analogy though, isn’t it? The more the times progress, the more complicated things seem to get, but that’s why staying focused on the true meaning behind something is so vital.

I’ll continue to prop my feet up on the end of the sofa and open up a cold one for America’s favorite pastime, all the while letting the money driven politics behind it fall completely by the wayside.

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