Orange Peel

What I admire most in a genius book is the way it makes you really think about things.

Think about things, yes.

If you please.

I’m listening to the latest Caamp album and watching the late-August horizon melt into the not so distant summer night from our 3rd floor patio, which has reminded me for some reason about books that are not only ahead of their time, but ones that really mesh well into the ‘permanent novels that will be around for some time’ category.

Grapefruit is an absolute trip.

It’s a trippy sixties trip.

The various compilations of words, from big to small, reason with nothing and fully explain everything.

In a manner of speaking, for the latter.

Ono released a spiritual sequel titled Acorn many years later, and while its good, it’s not quite this.

Even if you hate grapefruit enough to the point that you avoid being within a twenty-five foot radius of them at the supermarket, I think you’ll enjoy very much how these pages taste.

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