Reading Matters

I recently read a book about a man who trekked into the woods and didn’t return to civilization for nearly 30 years.

When asked by the author/interviewer why he didn’t like to travel and succumbed to the life of a naturalistic hermit, the man loosely said that the only places he ever needed to go were held sacred inside of books.

Ain’t that the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling and wanderlusting like it’s a sustainable career role, but book traveling I find to be equally as important.

Whether it’s to another city where the main character resides, or a fantastical world of literal non existence but literature defined reality, or back to a time that no longer exists but is still very much prevalent.

(Photos taken by me.)

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4 thoughts on “Reading Matters

  1. I definitely agree with this. I love travelling but there are some great books out there which will help you around cities and this is great, both on a personal level but also as a research resource for writing 🙂

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    1. Our feelings mirror exactly…it’s a two-sided coin where the reader gets to experience a place or a setting without ever having to go there, but along the same lines the writer does their due diligence by traveling to a place and then retelling the story. Love that balance! 😄

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