Only a Few Hours Left to Download!

Are you a fan of poetry?

Do you like FREE?

Are you wondering what cars have to do with poetry? (I still wonder.)

Need a new read?

If your answer is yes to any and all of the above, click the link and download yourself a FREE copy of my debut poetry collection called Strange Cars in the Night (goes back to full price at midnight tonight!)

It is strange, yes. Quirky and odd, it was very enjoyable to write.

It’s also about cars, although I’m not the world’s most leading expertise on them. Not by any highway stretch.

Definitely some inky black night in there too, not just the token despairing kind but the sort of night that moves, changes, and redefines you.

I really hope you enjoy this breezy collection, please let me know what you think by leaving a few words on Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks so much for the support fellow readers, indie writers, and master creators!

(Some of the images found on Google, one taken by me, and another a rejected cover art idea.)

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