I think what’s tough about growing up and facing the world is the complete loss of innocence. That’s not to say that we can’t grow old and remain childish with our humility and sense of wonder though, because I feel like it’s something that’s so important.

It’s like the proverbial glass ceiling.

If someone mentions something to you, that you weren’t already privy to, it comes across like a total surprise and irreversibly alters the perspective.

The same thing can be said about growing and aging.

What we experience, the happiness and pain mixed together like a booger green cauldron mixture, it inevitably changes our perspective.

I do encounter and notice quite a bit of people that allow themselves to remain unchanged however, or minimally different, and I appreciate it so much because that’s how I strive to endure the globetrotting days of society.

Sure, I could wake up and read miserable, disparaging news headlines about corrupt politicians, people, and business systems.

Or I could wake up to the woman I cherish, the piping hot coffee I welcome each morning, and sitting down to blog or read or write or whatever it is that brings about a gaping internal grin.

It is sometimes said that nostalgia is an escape for those who don’t want to reside in the present. I feel like you can embrace that vintage spirit AND remain in a real-time, current state form as well.

Nothing is easy, and in the world we’ve grown accustomed to, nor will it ever be.

But seeking out the big hap? The giddy, throwback encapsulation of a youth not lost, but only shelved and expanded?


That sounds pretty nice to me.

(Photo taken by me.)

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