Pagebound Slump

For a few years, I got myself into the habit of reading 100-150+ books per year. Lately though, I feel like I haven’t been setting aside much time to quench my wordy thirst. I’ve tried on and off to read several books at once, but I usually spread myself too thin and never finish them all.

What are your reading habits like? Do you plow through several books a week or does your schedule and routine keep you from doing so?

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4 thoughts on “Pagebound Slump

  1. I’m trying pretty hard to hit 50… How do people read so fast??? 150 in a year? That’s like 3 books a week. Even if I read nothing but middlegrade and YA I don’t think I could do it…. Mind-boggling 🤯

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    1. Haha it was certainly a challenge!! I alternate from long books, to poetry collections, art books, etc. so the sizes change and vary. But like you said, that required some hardcore binging. Literally stopped watching television and doing other things to read during most free pockets of time.

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  2. I’ve never thought of reading a specific amount and now I’m trying to reflect on my reading habits. I think I was in school for so,long it was inevitable that I’d spend a good portion of the last decade reading so much I had little time for other things rather than vice versa. Now though, I’d say my choices are fewer, time spent reading is purely for pleasure and I can’t get one book out of my head enough to read more than one at a time. I’d always be reflecting on the one.

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    1. That’s a heck of an outlook, I agree!! Reading is purely fun and it makes it stressful to handle more than one story or novel at a time (at least with me). I’ve always wanted to get better at it because it would be nice to remain diverse, but that can also be done reading a book one at a time.


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