Kitty Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Do

Some mornings are painfully uninspired, and that’s not necessarily a result of our own doing.

We’re tired.

We’re sleepy-eyed.

“We’re the all singing, all dancing…”

The coffee hasn’t brewed yet.

Or it has, and you’ve had one cup which is simply not enough.

Time to break out the crowbar for those Groggytown eyelids.

Once I get up and moving though, baring some busy days at work, I’m ready to go.

With the writing especially, my mind goes in so many different directions that I need to tell it to calm down.

Whoaaaa buddy!

Easy there.

There’s plenty of blank page to go around.

When do you try to get your writing in during the busier than busy weekdays?

Are you more of a pre-dawn in the kitchen at 4:00am writer, or a drop the briefcase at the door/kick off the shoes and plop on the couch in the evening type of writer?

Or are you neither?

If that’s the case, please do tell. I love hearing and learning about the various writing styles of others, because we all do it in our own unique way.

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