[ A New Year, a New Decade ] #newyearseve #travelphotography #blogging

The last 24 hours: work, home, lots of Parks and Rec, early to bed/way way way too early to rise at 11pm, up all night with mini-vacation excitement and writer thoughts, nearly finalized my new comedic pocket book first draft of “I Need My Ball,” trudged over to the airport for a pre-dawn flight into Tampa, took a two hour power nap (thankfully 1 out of 3 seats in my row was unoccupied so I could sprawl out like a snoozly cuddly sloth), arrival in the sun soaked promised land by 9am, wardrobe change for a 5 mile run along the beautiful side streets of Clearwater Beach and the lengthy bridge leading into the city itself, cool down and shower, New Years Eve. Van Morrison was more than right when he singsang the iconic harmonic words, “there’d be days like this.” 😄 🌴 ☀️ 🥳 wishing everyone a hap-hap-happy and merry roaring twenties! Be safe and have fun! 🤘🏻 🍻

(Photos taken by me.)

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