(Free book download!) #whattoread #poetry #indieauthor #kindle

My latest poetry collection “itty bits vol. 2” is free to download on Kindle today and for the next few days through 2/3. Be sure to check out the link above and grab yourself a copy today! Volume 1 is available for 99 cents as well (if you’d like to catch up) and Volume 3 will be closing out the trilogy when it releases next month. The feedback I’ve been getting about this series is heartwarming and so so so inspiring. I’m thrilled that my quirky, dramedic poetry and dialogue resonates with some of you. Thanks as always for the support, you have no idea how much it means! Happy reading bookworms and be sure as always to take some time out to enjoy those magnificent little itty bits of life.

The Prairies Book Review

16 thoughts on “(Free book download!) #whattoread #poetry #indieauthor #kindle

      1. Dude, that review is WONDERFUL!! 🙏 🙏 🙏 I’m honored, that made my day. I hear you, the indie community support is great for that and I’m glad our paths have crossed as a result. Your book arrives on Monday! 🎉 👍🏻

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