(Motivization) #indieauthors #poetry #funny #whattoread

You can

Be anything

You want

In life.


A writer,

A foodie,

A researcher,

A humble lover,

A stonemason,

A wordmatecian,

An internet connoisseur,

The guy or girl

Who did that one thing

That one time

And made their

Forever mark,

A social networkaholic fiend,

Idler of the

Late night

Wireless connection,

Browser of

Wide worldly 

Articles and topics

And threads

And trends

And wildlife magazine

Cover article upriver bends.



You can,


Hey you,

Yes you,



Be that

Master clicker

And wizard of

The poppy

Pixelated terra bytes.



By choice.


Whatever you feel,

Whatever you wish,

Follow the wind

And be completely free,

Unless it’s aimed


At a brick wall,


Then you’re

Pancake batter.

(Excerpt from ‘itty bits vol. 2′)

Have you read your itty bits yet?

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(Image 1 found on Google, Image 2 – itty bits cover art)

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