(Writing Down the Seen and Conjured Up Make Believe) #poetry #indieauthors #whattoread #books

One of the very best things about writing is that you get to create stories and collections based on your own experiences.

Even some of the best fiction out there has a ton of nonfiction inside, just keep an eye out for the read-between-the-lines material and Easter eggs.

Years ago I used to work overnights and was a frequenter of the abandoned, late night New Jersey highways and backroad sideways.

There’s something so deliciously eerie and self-awakening about a vacant stretch of pavement.

Questions arise.

Thoughts scatter and reassemble.

More questions come to the forefront.

Why is no one out at this hour?

Is the world asleep and I’m the only one awake?

How long has this road in fact been a road?

Do the double yellow and single white shoulder lines hold some sort of significance outside of their general acknowledged use?

What lurks in the dark corners of each embankment and unfurling woodland stretch residing just beyond your navigable allowance?

If you’re interested in finding out more about my fictional and nonfictional accountings of the moonlit howling hour commuter game, click the link and purchase/download your own copy of Strange Cars in the Night.

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