(Insomnia Chills) #reading #literature #blogging

Sometimes I get so excited about reading that I can’t sleep.

Do you know the feeling?

When you’re knee-deep in a book so gripping and wonderful that you can’t help but think about the next opportunity you’ll get to crack it open once more and dive in?

What’s worse is when you have too many books and nearly every room in the house has a drool-worthy stack of paper and binding within reach.

Who am I kidding? That’s the best part.

It really is an obsession.

If it were in my power and wheelhouse, I’d buy dozens of copies of my favorite books and mail them to public high schools and colleges.

I’d write a letter for each consignment and say to the intended reader, these rocked my world and made me want to never stop reading. I hope they steal your attention in the exact same way.

Because all it takes is one good book to initiate the itch, right?

For me it was when a colleague years back suggested the novel Factotum by Charles Bukowski. I was aware of who he was at the time, but hadn’t read any of his works.

Reading that book ended a decade long drought of not reading, not wanting to read, and staying far and away from any piece of literature outside of a video game magazine.

All it takes is one.

And then it was Shane Jones’ Light Boxes which really sealed the deal for me as a certified book fiend.

Because after reading the hallucinogenic adult version of Harry Potter, how could one ever not feel some sort of affection towards paper, glue, and printed stories?

(Photos taken by me.)

If you’re in need of some new reads, check out my collection on Amazon. Thanks as always for the support, fellow writers, readers, and dreamers!

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