(Poems to Keep You Waiting and Wanting) #whattoread #poetry #poems #indieauthors

One of my absolute favorite reads of 2019.

When this released onto the Amazonian interweb airwaves late last year, I was vacationing with my fiancée at Universal Studios for their wonderful Halloween Horror Nights.

We had been waiting in an exceptionally long line, maybe an hour or so before dusk.

She was kicking butt on a phone game and it dawned on me then that River’s book had just released, so while we were waiting, unfortunate pun intended, I downloaded and devoured this brilliant collection of poetry.

The pieces flow like the water beneath the nameless cover photo character and represent an honest look at our duality of being. For every ounce of sad, there’s a gooey and absorbing layer of perpetual hope.

If you’re lacking an engaging current read, I could not possibly recommend this one enough. Click the link, grab yourself an extra special copy, and be sure to give River’s other publications a look see as well.

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