(Tennessee’s William) #travel #photography #blogging #writing

My two best men for the wedding surprised me a few weeks ago with a planned trip to Nashville, Tennessee and with the awful weather tragedy that took place here earlier in the week we thought the trip was going to be a no-go.

We hit the hotel to drop off our bags this morning and immediately hit the road for Lynchburg, home of the famous Jack Daniels distillery.

What a tour!

What a facility!

So much history.

From the limestone cavern where the spring water flows on site to begin the process, to the blending and maturing of the whiskey, to the manufacturing process, and finally to the tasting portion of the guided tour, it was all magical.

America‘s heartland.

The epitome of God country.

Heading back to Nashville tonight to hit up BBQ and Broadway, can’t wait!

Happy Friday, dear friends 👋🏻 😄

(Photos taken by me.)

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