A Pinwheel of Poetry

The idea for my new poetry collection “Lines at the Amusement Rides” came to me last year when I was being a grown up kid with my fiancée at Universal Studios. We were waiting in a long line at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I was completely absorbed by our nostalgic, whimsical, thematic surroundings. Being in a place like that initiates all kinds of written word inspiration and this book is the end result. Be sure to head over to Amazon and grab your very own paperback copy today (Kindle release on March 17th). Thanks as always for the support my Insta friends, I hope you enjoy the ride! 🎢 🎡 📚 ✍️

An extra special thanks to Potter’s Grove Press for accepting my submission and being nothing short of an incredible publishing house to work with!!

(Photos taken by me.)

4 thoughts on “A Pinwheel of Poetry

    1. I’ve written 4 so far: “Strange Cars in the Night” is a collection of road trip, music driven, late night haunting hour style poems. Itty Bits Vol. 1 and 2 are quick little Kindle collections about the tiny moments in life that we all seem to cherish. All are available on Amazon. Thanks so much for asking by the way! 🙏

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    1. You are WAY too kind, I’m so appreciative! Really hope you like it. The inspiration for that one came when I was working overnights years ago and driving around on the desolate highways. Do you have any works out there I can check out too?


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