(The Indie Read Speakeasy – Vol. 4) #indieauthors #poetry #literature #writing

Writer, poet, interviewer, indie supporter of the masses, and an all around wonderful individual, Rania pugstache serves us (see what I did there? 🐶😛) a quirky and observant collection that brings the reader straight into her ocular foresight and shows us exactly what she wants us to see, hear, and non-fictionally make believe. The imagery…each piece proves to be a whimsical microcosm of a pint-sized story that could dance right along through the ages, and we get to experience just the right tablespoon serving of it before moving onward through to the rest of the collection. As always my friend, an out-of-the-park home run ⚾️! Rania’s got some really exciting stuff going on right now, be sure to check out her Insta @cciqpress page/blog and catch up on all the insightful segments and motivating interviews she’s been conducting lately. The indie community thrives because of people like her and I’m truly honored that we’ve become acquaintances over the last few years. Happy Friday all! 🎉 🍻

(Photos taken by me.)

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